Teresa Rampazzi at the Chalton Gallery in London, March 02-10, 2019

‘What time are you performing tonight?’
OPENING: Friday, March 01; 7pm
Chalton Gallery, 96 Chalton St, NW1 1HJ, London

‘What time are you performing tonight?’, an axhibition curated by Caterina Gobbi, is dedicated to four composers that have shaped the development of early electronic music in Italy: Teresa Rampazzi, Daniela Casa, Ingrid McIntosh, and Maria Teresa Luciani. Their sounds find their way into the exhibition, so do bits and pieces of their histories – or rather what is left of them.
A small publication brings together contributions by Claudia AttimonelliFrances MorganNina PowerSalomé Voegelin, Andrea May, and Laura Zattra.

More info in the Facebook event


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