Teresa Rampazzi: sound creations and co-creations as a meeting place between art and life

Laura Zattra will discuss in PADOVA with Marta Previti and Maddalena Rizzi of women who, starting from Padua, have left a strong artistic mark in Veneto, Italy and the world.

Laura will address how Teresa Rampazzi revisited the idea of creative place, from the home, to the collective, to the conservatory, to the university, in her talk “Teresa Rampazzi: sound creations and co-creations as a meeting place between art and life.”

MEMORIA e RIUSO dal 15.05 al 03.06 2024

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The Microfestival second edition builds on the outcomes of the Interior Design Workshop held by Silvia Codato with the collaboration of Davide Cecconello and Elisabetta Gabrielli in the second year of the Bachelor of Product Design, Visual Communication and Interiors at IUAV University of Venice.

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Laura Zattra talks about Teresa Rampazzi at the SoundMit event

Il video dell’intervento di Laura Zattra dell’11 ottobre su Teresa Rampazzi è visibile al link seguente: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sek8tl1hmSQ

Grazie a Johann Merrich e a SoundMit per l’invito.






“Taras on three dimensions” in the new book Between the Tracks (2020)

The book Between the Tracks-Musicians on Selected Electronic Music edited by Kerry Hagan and Miller Puckette is finally published!

My chapter focuses on the analysis of “Taras su tre dimensioni” [Taras on three dimensions], a work realized by Teresa Rampazzi in 1971-72 in the course of a transitional phase (her transition from the analogue to the computer music technology).

The approximately eleven-minutes work represents an unicum among Teresa Rampazzi’s repertoire. It is made from the juxtaposition of three typologies of sounds: analogue, concrete and computer made sounds, and is also the only piece in her catalogue which incorporates concrete sounds.

To know a little more about this unique piece, read (and listen) from my prevous post): https://www.teresarampazzi.it/2019/07/02/teresa-presenting-her-unique-concreteelectroniccomputer-music-piece-taras/

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The Junghans Watch


This is a picture I took last week at the CSC – Sound and Music Computing Group – UNIPD in Padova.

The Junghans Watch was the one owned by Teresa Rampazzi. She and her teammates at the N.P.S. used it to synchronize every manual operation they needed to create an analogue electronic music experiment, an ‘oggetto sonoro’ (‘sound object’).

The ‘oggetti sonori’ were reminiscent of Schaefferian “Traité des objets musicaux” (Rampazzi was at the GRM in Paris and she had a copy of the Traité autographed by the author), but they were intended to be an evolution, and in fact they were purely synthesised, not concrete.

Laura Zattra