“Taras on three dimensions” in the new book Between the Tracks (2020)

The book Between the Tracks-Musicians on Selected Electronic Music edited by Kerry Hagan and Miller Puckette is finally published!

My chapter focuses on the analysis of “Taras su tre dimensioni” [Taras on three dimensions], a work realized by Teresa Rampazzi in 1971-72 in the course of a transitional phase (her transition from the analogue to the computer music technology).

The approximately eleven-minutes work represents an unicum among Teresa Rampazzi’s repertoire. It is made from the juxtaposition of three typologies of sounds: analogue, concrete and computer made sounds, and is also the only piece in her catalogue which incorporates concrete sounds.

To know a little more about this unique piece, read (and listen) from my prevous post): https://www.teresarampazzi.it/2019/07/02/teresa-presenting-her-unique-concreteelectroniccomputer-music-piece-taras/

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IMMAGINI PER DIANA BAYLON (1972) in The Wire: Adventures in Modern Music

Louise Gray gave Teresa Rampazzi’s album IMMAGINI PER DIANA BAYLON (1972) a terrific review in the September Issue of The Wire: Adventures in Modern Music.
Teresa Rampazzi – IMMAGINI PER DIANA BAYLON (1972): new Die Schachtel album. Project by: Laura Zattra / Produced by: Fabio Carboni, Bruno Stucchi / Digitization and Digital Archiving: Sergio Canazza / Mastering: Giuseppe Ielasi / Design: dinamomilano.com


Immagini Per Diana Baylon: preview on Soundcloud


As with the spellbinding Musica Endoscopica, this issue of Immagini Per Diana Baylon – one of her three known soundtracks for art installations – helps to place Teresa as Italy’s answer to Daphne Oram; that is, a pioneering female experimenter operating in a male dominated field since the ’50s, and an artist/musician/technician who was magnetically drawn to the emerging possibilities of analogue electronics (although she would also expand into computer composition as soon as the opportunity arose).

Here is what bookmat.com says about this new issue I curated in collaboration with Die Schachtel [boomkat.com/products/immagini-per-diana-baylon]. Remastered from the original tapes, foil-blocked metallic print jacket with fold-out insert of liner notes and photographs.

You may listen to some excerpts on Soundcloud.