Diana Baylon

IMMAGINI PER DIANA BAYLON (1972): new Die Schachtel issue/album

Teresa Rampazzi’s third vinyl record with Die Schachtel (2016) contains just one music work. IMAGES FOR/IMMAGINI PER DIANA BAYLON is a stereophonic piece of 31’50”, to be played in loop during Diana Baylon’s exhibition. The music is a soundscape for the exhibition Diana Baylon, 23 November – 14 December 1972 (catalog by Lara-Vinca Masini) held at the Modern Art Gallery Il Fiore in Florence in 1972 (http://www.dianabaylon.it/mostre/). Diana Baylon (1920-2013), a friend of Rampazzi’s, was a cross-disciplinary artist from Florence who transformed various materials into figurative and, later in the ‘60s, abstract and programmatic art objects (ceramics, glass, metal, paper, paintings, graphics, jewellery).

IMMAGINI PER DIANA BAYLON was the third time that Teresa Rampazzi realized music for an exhibition. The first was also the very first experimental composition that Rampazzi and Ennio Chiggio realized in 1965, a sound collage for the opening of an exhibition of the Gruppo Enne at the International Biennale d’Arte in Venice. The second soundscape
piece, Environ (1970), was realized by Rampazzi for the presentation of a 360° round modular couch in foamed resin designed by Chiggio, presented at a furniture shop in Padova in 1970.

Vinyl Project by: Laura Zattra / Produced by: Fabio Carboni, Bruno Stucchi / Digitization and Digital Archiving: Sergio Canazza / Mastering: ‪#‎GiuseppeIelasi‬ / Design: dinamomilano.com

Diana Baylon
Diana Baylon

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