Teresa presenting her unique concrete+electronic+computer music piece “Taras”

This is a unique opportunity to listen to Rampazzi’s voice, presenting her own piece “Taras su tre dimensioni”. The piece (only a few minutes from the entire work) starts at 2:23.

“Taras su tre dimensioni” [Taras on three dimensions] is a work realized during 1971 by Teresa Rampazzi (1914-2001) – the Italian pioneer of electronic music – in the course of a transitional phase (her transition from the analogue to the computer music technology). The approximately eleven-minutes work represents an unicum among Teresa Rampazzi’s repertoire. It is made from the juxtaposition of three typologies of sounds: analogue, concrete and computer made sounds, and is also the only piece in her catalogue which incorporates concrete sounds.

This audio track is part of a radio programme aired in 1985 “Le nuove frontiere della musica” (New frontiers of music; director: Tonino Delfino). The programme consisted in 10 episodes of about half an hour each, for the Radio Verci (Bassano del Grappa, Italy) with Rampazzi and Delfino discussing the evolution of electroacoustic music, and audio excerpts from the most famous works.

Credits: digitization of the radio programme (Radio Verci, Bassano) made by Tonino Delfino. The uploading of this audio file was made possible thanks to Tonino Delfino and Francesca Rampazzi consent.